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EYE BETA / Promotes Healthy Vision / 30 Capsules



Eye Beta capsule’s main ingredients are extracted from Blueberry, Lutein, Fructus Lycii and Panax Notoginseng blended in a Traditional Chinese Medicine process to maintain the effectiveness of this product. Blueberry extract is the most effective eye care substance which is of small molecules easily absorbed by the human body. Blueberries are a good source of vitamin K, and it also contains vitamin C. It is however a powerful antioxidant rich in fibre and manganese. Valued for its high level of antioxidants, nutritionists advise that taking Blueberry daily is highly beneficial for healthy living.

Apart from Blueberry, other valuable ingredients contained in Eye Beta are; Lutein extract which is a major carotenoid found in the colour of the eyes that filters radiation from light and also protects the eyes tissues from sunlight damage, Fructus Lycii which is also a powerful antioxidant, rich in nutrient that is highly effective in treating and preventing eye issues and Panax Notoginseng, an efficient ingredient in relieving of pains, relaxes the eyes blood vessels and also reduces swelling of the eyes.


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